What Is The Right Rug Size For Your Bed Rooms?

Bed Rooms are meant to be private comfort zones for you and your family members, so the focus should be on soothing warmth and a color should be chosen accordingly.

As for size, you can opt for one of the following ways for your Bed Room floors:

  • Have a full wall to wall carpet.
  • A large Area
  • A mid-sized Area Rug
  • A small Area Rug
  • A Bed Runner

Each option has its meaning, description and use as below:

Wall To Wall Carpet or Rug:

A wall to wall carpet/rug will be laid out along the walls of the bed rooms, covering the entire floor. Its best to have an professional installer do this for you to avoid creases and bare floors showing through.

A wall to wall carpet is recommended usually if your bed room floor is not finished with hard wood or laminate flooring. If you have already spent money on good looking wooden flooring, a wall to wall carpet would be merely covering up the beauty of your flooring choice.

A Large Area Rug:

A good way to place a large Area Rug in the bed room is as shown in the picture. It will go under the bed and extends out to either all four sides (or three if the bed is against a wall, as generally is the case).

This gives you enough floor coverage that your feet stay warm through most of the floor and yet doesn’t overwhelm you. This will also be easier to maintain, clean and vacuum as you can lift the edges to remove the dust and debris under it.

Sizes that will work:




A mid-sized Area Rug:

As shown. Should go under the Bed and extend out midway on the sides and out from the foot board.

Covers almost completely the three sides you step on and off the bed. Nice when getting off the bed in the morning and not having your feet touch the cold floors. At the same time, easy to maintain just as the rug size mentioned above. Extra bonus is that when you want in from your bath room, your feet will be dry before they hid the rug.

Sizes that will work:



A Small Area Rug

This could be on one or both sides of your bed as in the image.

Easy to lay and easy to maintain. This adds the aesthetics of a textile floor covering to your room, without overwhelming it. And your feet stay warm.

Sizes that will work:





A Bed Runner

This can be placed along the foot board, or on either or both sides. Or on all three, ideally. The easiest of all sizes to maintain and replace. No heavy furniture lifting either.

Sizes that will work:



Have fun buying rugs for your Bed Rooms. Cheers.

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