Davos Designs is an American Importer and Wholesaler of Innovative Wall-to-Wall Carpets & Custom Rugs. We specialize in Handmade Carpets manufactured in our own Factories in India under strict Quality Control and Production Standards.

Check out our exclusive and innovative collections stocked in our facilities in America


Ankara is a Flat-Weave Carpet in a flowing pattern that is both contemporary and traditional. The pattern has a rounded edges to give a softer, refined look compared to traditional diamond design. Hand Woven of multiple strands of 2 Ply NZL Blended Wool and 6/6 Shiny Nylon to give greater resistance to Wear & Tear and stains. Looks great as Wall To Wall Carpet, Runners as well as Cut to Size Area Rugs. Your feet will love the texture.


Cancun is a crowd pleaser with an appealing all over, random stria pattern. Goes with all kinds of room settings and décor. Pleasing to the senses due to the delicate colors complementing each other that almost contrast but not really. Soft on the feet as well as the eyes. NZL Blended Wool mixed with 6/6 Shiny Nylon is Hand Woven into a looped carpet, and finished with a random shearing process to give a look and feel that is both textured and delicate. A timeless carpet that you can use anywhere in your house.


If it was possible to pour liquid metal and make a carpet out of it, Ibiza Carpet is what the result would look like. Randomly shiny and dull surface, achieved by a way of shearing that is generally used on traditional handmade rugs to give an uneven and authentic worn-out effect. No other carpet looks as vintage and as contemporary at the same time as this one. Made of 6/6 shiny nylon that is special dyed and woven in a construction so dense that it all looks like one big sheet of shiny burnished metal. Will enhance any room you put it in. Feels great to walk on barefoot too.


If what you desire is a soft and luxurious floor covering that kisses your feet as you walk on it, Monaco is the carpet for you. A mix of NZL Blended Wool, 6/6 Shiny Nylon and a single strand of super white Shiny Poly, densely Hand Tufted in a cross weave construction. The double weave technique gives a chunky look to the carpet which is then random sheared to even out the surface and give it a sheen and a gloss that is all over, but not quite. Great for your bedroom, study and living room. Don’t let socks or shoes come in the way of enjoying this carpet.


Napa Valley is a carpet with color stria all over, and a loop and cut texture, also all over. Great to look at. Even better to walk on. Eye Catching and hard to miss. NZL Blended Wool and 6/6 Shiny Nylon yarns are Hand Woven in a loop and cut weave and finished with the cut pile sheared off to expose the loops that run width wise, in an alternating texture. The mix of colors softens the texture but keeps the gentle velvety feel on the feet. Will work in all settings and most decors.


If you get nostalgic about those English Wool Jackets, you’ll love the Riviera Collection. The tweedy fabric look and feel is achieved by Hand Weaving NZL Blended Wool and 6/6 Shiny Nylon woven randomly and all over. Being a Flatweave Construction, the carpet offers good resistance to wear and tear and can also be used as Runners as well as Area Rugs. Great texture to walk on, great look for your rooms. Contemporary colors are an easy match for your décor, and complement existing settings.


Stellar Collection replicates popular upholstery fabric look and texture. 6/6 Shiny Nylon and Bright Poly Rayon are Hand-Woven in a Basket Weave Construction to give bright streaks of reflective yarn shooting both length and width wise. Flat Woven construction gives you the option to use the carpet as Wall to Wall, Runners and Area Rugs. Wonderful textured feel to walk on. Will go great with Contemporary Décor and Settings.