Care Instructions & Characteristics Of Hand Made Carpets

Irregularities will occur in products which are Handmade from Natural Fiber Yarns. Warp Lines, Weft Bands, Striations and Uneven Pile may sometimes be visible. These are inherent to all Handmade Carpets and are not considered manufacturing defects. These characteristics are part of the nature of these Rugs & Carpets and add to the beauty of your Décor.

Yarns made from Natural Fibers or Wool Blends will have some variations which may be visible on the product surface. These are from the variable thickness of the natural fibers that go into making these Yarns.

At times these imperfections will show on the surface of the Carpet as Striations or Streaks. These are not defects but naturally occurring and appealing visual element in all Handmade Flooring products. There may be some Fiber loss which might be noticed after installation or during use and routine maintenance. Surface Shedding/Peeling/Fuzzing are natural characteristics of Spun Yarns. Some loss of small fibers from the yarns is to be expected and is not detrimental to the quality or life of the carpet, and usually reduces over time.

Due to long Transportation and Stocking times, pile of some carpets may show what is called a “Roll Crush”. Roll Crush occurs due to the weight of the roll pressing the pile down along the carpet as it is stored. The flattening of the pile from roll crush generally lasts only a few days. Once the carpet is installed, the carpet pile tends to straighten itself into a uniform surface.

Dye Lot variations can occur and there may be minor color differences between the carpet delivered and the samples. This happens due to the hand dyeing process used in production of these qualities. These are routine and accepted within the Industry Tolerance Standards.

Using a Vacuum at light setting is recommended for routine maintenance. Please keep the Beater Bar at high setting. For minor spills and spots, applying a clean damp cotton cloth along with mild soap at the affected area may help. Blot any spills or stains. Always work from the outside of a spill or spot to the center. Never make a spill or spot larger. Please see our website for more recommendations. It is always best to consult a Professional Cleaner for heavier dirt and grime that may accumulate over years of use or persistent problems.

In case of minor Pulls and Snags of Pile/Surface yarns, a gentle snipping off of the protruding/raised yarn with a scissors is usually sufficient. Any trimming of the pile should be done with care and should be even with the pile. For bigger issues, kindly contact a professional.